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Awareness for Mental Health Program

Bringing awareness to things that can positively impact our mental health. Films, Art, Music and Travel. 

Did you know that the arts are the first thing for budget cuts in schools and there is a lack of funding for these programs in communities?

Listen to Sir Ken Robinson on the importance of creatitiy and the arts.

Films for Mental Health

BCC Evolution is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting mental health and suicide awareness through the arts. We strive to bring diverse perspectives together to create a safe, supportive and accepting community. Every year, we host the Mental Health and Suicide Awareness (MHSA) Film Festival, showcasing entries from around the world that focus on mental health or suicide awareness. This festival brings together the community of film lovers, film makers and those in our community who want to come together to watch these incredible films. We believe that art and film can be a powerful tool to inspire empathy and create social change.