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Make Mental Health Matter 
7 Strategies for Mental Wellness

Mental health challenges can be full of stigma, for those who experience them, but it the most important topic to talk about and should be a daily conversation just like the weather. 

Do you or do you know someone that experiences or lives with a mental health challenge?

Are you ready to live a life with more peace and ease, so that your mental health challenge does not rule your life?

Or do you know someone who died by suicide and want to learn more about of how to help others or yourself?

In this engaging presentation with Kelli here is what you will take away:

  • She will take you on a journey through tragedy and trauma and how she transformed it into light, love and a cause that is bigger than herself.

  • How to use her 7 strategies for your own mental wellness

  • You are not alone

About Kelli

Kelli Melissa Hansen photo

A few fast facts about Kelli, a Warrior for Mental Health

Founder of BCC Evolution

Mental Health Speaker and Educator

Mom of 3 incredible kids

Tattoo Connoisseur

Thrill Seeking Adventurist

NLP Master Jedi Life Coach

International Film Festival Creator and Host

Kelli started BCC Evolution after she lost her middle sister Carrie Lyn to a completed suicide in 2017. She knew she couldn't sit around and do nothing so BCC Evolution was created in her mind and then became reality in June 2018 when BCC officially became a 501c3 nonprofit.

The first time Kelli spoke on the stage was 2018 the year after her sisters passing. It has become her motivation to take it to the next level to share her story and passion with the world. 


Her passion for normalizing the conversation about mental health and giving a voice to those that struggle with mental health challenges, is unlike any other. She has dedicated her life to saving lives even if it is one person at a time. She shares her message of tragedy and trauma from the loss of her sister that bloomed into hope, light and a cause that is bigger than herself. Since so many have continued to tell her when she speaks that it touches their heart, brings happiness to their soul and that her message needs to be heard around the world, this is why she has taken on this journey and is excited to share her message with you. 

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George Carroll

"Kelli spoke at my annual event, The Greatest Year of Your Life, and she captured the audience with her heart, story and passion to help others. I recommend her to any event host looking for a powerful and inspiring speaker with applicable tools to improve mental health."

Kristie Twomey

I've had the privilege  of hearing Kelli Hansen speak at several events over the past few years. Her message and story is very powerful. Each time I hear her speak, it touches me to the core of my heart and soul.

Kelli Speaks and shares her personal story and has helped so many people with their struggles with mental health. 

In my personal journey, having mental health in our family as well and having a sister who completed suicide at the young age of 12, I very much see the need to have someone like Kelli speak her voice in hopes of helping others.

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